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Melayu Boleh – The Blog Contest

The latest blog contest organized by Malaysian blogger community recently becomes hit after many top blogger interested to join. The contest is challenged the blogger skill in SEO, where the “melayu boleh” keyword is targeted to be rank in search engine.

Melayu Boleh – The Blog Contest

Melayu Boleh – The Blog Contest

The Melayu Boleh keyword is the internet search keyword to search for pornography material over internet. However the correct translation of “Melayu Boleh” is nothing related to pornography. The story behind this is, long time ago, there is exist website with MelayuBoleh domain name. The websites is a only source for pornography material, that featuring Malay women. After that, Melayu Boleh becomes well known for Malay pornography and the idea has been copied by many new website.

The true meaning of Melayu Boleh is nothing related to pornography. There is still few website that rank well with that keyword is showing the “good” version of Melayu Boleh. That why, the blog contest is been held. The mission is, to rank the Melayu Boleh keyword is search engine without any pornography element.

Rank well in search engine is start with good page content. The page content that will be used to rank the “melayu boleh” keyword must follow this guideline.

  • 500 words or more
  • Keyword “Melayu Boleh” on page Title, Description, Image ALT, First & Last Paragraph, H1, H2
  • Include outbound link to “authority site” such as Wikipedia
  • “Melayu Boleh” keyword density 2-4 %

After having the good content, the next factor that helps to rank “melayu boleh” keyword is backlink. Get as much as you can for page backlink. However, make sure the backlink is high quality and not coming from SPAM website.The high quality backlink will for sure help the page to rank well in SERP.  Here is the list of backlink source:

  • Web2.0
  • Wiki
  • Document Share
  • Social Bookmark
  • Comment
  • Blog Post

I hope the blogger that join the contest “melayu boleh” can rank to the front page.

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